What determines how traffic is routed out each WAN port?

Link Aggregation
The EdgeXOS routing works as follows:
1) The first route is always the default path (that is what you selected and saw the immediate change, this also effects all web content filtering traffic control)
2) Application Load Balancing is the next step, those applications/ports which are enabled will be sent to the route selected by the Vector Routing Algorithm, this route is updated continuously based on a number of statistics, including the amount of usage per link, latency, and administratively assigned weights.
3) Application Routing is the next step; those applications which are specifically routed out a specific port will have their routing changed to the redirected port regardless of the previous routing decisions.
4) Vector Maps are the next step, any vector maps will override previous routing decisions in order to maintain session persistence for inbound requests
5) Best Path Routing is the next step, those destination networks/addresses which are configured will change the routing based on the BRP route, BPR routes are continuously changed based on the BPR module and the testing that it is doing.
Static Routing is the next step; any static routes which are entered will override any previous routing decisions.
Finally, any routes effected by Site2Site or other tunnels will be automatically redirected based on the tunnel routing information, similar to how static routes work.

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