Problems with WAN connectivity?

Link Aggregation
If you are having a problem getting the WAN link to become active you can try the following steps:
1) Ensure that all IP addressing is correct within the Edge appliance configuration.  Make sure that there are no VLAN tagging issues.
2) Attempt to connect the WAN link directly (via cross-over cable) from the WAN router to the WAN interface of the Edge device.  Also if in proxy mode make sure that ARP cache has been cleared on all directly connecting devices (ie firewall routers servers etc).
3) Try specifically setting the WAN Testing option in the Interface configuration screen to an IP address you know is pingable from the particular WAN interface (preferably one available on that WAN providers local network).
4) Try changing the Link Control settings under the Tools menu. The first option would be to change the testing from Gateway/Probe to one or the other.
5) Rebooting the unit may be required to clear out a previously configured IP address that

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