ZeroOutage Speed and Performance Testing

All About ZeroOutages
ZeroOutages provides customers with the ability to combine multiple Internet links in order to improve network performance.  This is called "link aggregation".  This process allows two or more ISP circuits to be combined so that end-users on the local area network have full access to the bandwidth of both circuits.
ZeroOutages utilizes a process call Vector Routing (part of our Multi-Session Acceleration patents) in order to direct sessions out each of the various network interfaces.  This improves performance by allowing traffic to share both links at the same time, i.e. some traffic will go out the primary Internet link, and other traffic will go out the secondary Internet link.
Typically speed tests are not helpful for testing session-based link aggregation as the sessions are being split between the links, and you will only see the speed of one link or the other.  You might try which is session aware in most cases and will show you the speed based on the combined throughput (this is not always successful depending on how the Vector Routing algorithm has determined the best path for routing the traffic).
However, if you utilize your ZOOM portal login, you will be able to see how each of your Internet links are being utilized and how much bandwidth is being used by each link.  This can be seen under the Reporting tab > Link Usage Reporting.

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