Common Post-Installation Issues

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Here are a few common issues that customer might experience post installation,
1) Incorrect DNS Settings - When deploying the ZeroOutages solution, customers should understand that they are now must likely using two Internet links.  Each Internet provider has their own DNS servers (most do not allow external requests), thus you need to make sure that each DNS server from each provider is listed in your DNS configuration, both for static devices, as well as your DHCP server.  Also, we typically recommend adding to your DNS list as that address is accessible from all providers.
2) NAT / Firewall Settings - It happens all of the time, despite our best efforts, everyone forgets about that one server... if you forgot about a server and its NAT mapping, no problem, just let us know and we will add it to the configuration.  We will need the following information: the external Internet address that it was using, the internal LAN address for the server, and the ports/protocols that the application on the server is using.
3) DHCP Server - If we are replacing an existing firewall or gateway router device, sometimes customers forget to tell us that it was acting as their DHCP server.  If you have devices that work immediately after the installation, but then stop working a while after, that is likely the issue.  Just let us know and we will turn on the DHCP server on our ZeroOutages appliance and provide DHCP address for the LAN network, it is part of the service, so no problem.

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