Configuring ZeroOutages Content Filtering when Internal DNS is being used.

XOS Firewall / Security Suite
The simplest method for using ZeroOutages content filtering for remote sites that are using an internal DNS server located at a data center or HQ office, is to change the forwarders for the internal DNS server to point to ZeroOutages content filtering servers.
The requests from the remote sites are made to the internal DNS servers, they receive internal resolution and then for external resolution the internal DNS server will forward those requests out to the Internet.  Typically these forwarding servers belong to the ISP that the customer is using at the data center or HQ site, or they are public servers like or  In this case, you simply need to change those servers to ZeroOutages content filtering servers.
Contact ZeroOutages support to confirm your assigned content filtering servers.
For example, you can change where the forwarders within your current internal DNS Windows servers point (similar to what is outlined in this video:, except use forwarding addresses of (,, instead of the and as outlined in the video.

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