How do I install license keys?

General Product Information
In order to enable previously unlicensed feature sets to the Edge appliances a license key file is required. 
This key file can be obtained through the XRoads Networks sales team.
When requesting a license upgrade make sure to provide the full serial number from the Home page of the device. Example:  EDGE-xxxxxxxxxx-xxxx
The last four digits of the serial do change upon reboot and the key file must match the serial number when uploaded so MAKE SURE NOT TO REBOOT until you receive the key file from XRoads.
To upload the license key file simply save the key file to your desktop open the Edge appliance GUI go to the bottom of the Home page find the Browse button and search for the key file saved on your computer.  Then simply click the Upload button to apply the file. If it does not work this generally means that the key file and the serial number do not match thus another key will need to be generated with the current serial number.

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