How do I reset the admin password?

General Product Information
There are two methods for resetting the admin password:
You can also default the Xroads via the console port using Default and confirmdefault.
If you are on 4.1 firmware and below the console speed will be 9600.
If your on 4.5 firmware the console speed will be 38400.
If your on 5.1 firmware the console speed will be 115200
If you have a UBM500 or higher there is a connection on the back of the unit for a screen and keyboard.
Defaulting takes approx. 90 seconds.
After defaulting the unit will be accessible via the LAN interface on IP address
1) When you have the old password - If you have the old password, login to the Edge appliance and goto the Tools section.  From here find the "Admin Access" menu option.  From here you can enter the new password information and update.  This will cause you to re-login using the new password.
2) When you do not have the old password - If you have forgotten the password you can change it via the console port.  You will need a console cable (one came in the packaging) and the ability to connect to the console port.
Accessing the console port can be done by following the steps in the Quick Start manual (use 9600 bps or 38400).
To login using "default" as the username and "confirmdefault" as the password.  You will then be prompted for what you wish to default (the password or the entire system).  Follow the prompts to reset only the password.

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