Why don't we support PPPoE?

General Product Information
By default we do not support PPPoE directly, PPPoE does not generally work well in multi-WAN environments due to the dynamic nature of PPPoE connections.
Therefore, in order to provide as much stability as possible, XRoads Networks has decided that it is best to use the service providers recommended equipment in front of the EdgeXOS platform to terminate the PPPoE connection and then simply pass the traffic to the EdgeXOS platform via a standard ethernet link.
We have found that this method provides far more stablility than attempting to terminate the PPPoE connection via our appliance.
Every service provider is different and every one has their own implementation of PPPoE and every one has there own recommended PPPoE termination modem/router device.  Therefore we believe it is better to utilize the recommended equipment to terminate the PPPoE connection and simply provide our equipment with an Ethernet handoff from the device recommended by the service provider.

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