How does the XOS platform affect latency?

General Product Information
If you experience greater latency when the EdgeXOS appliance is put in place this could be do to a number of variables, some of which are detailed below:
1) Rate Limits - These are hard speed limits within the system and defined under the Interfaces tab which need to be correctly set to ensure that you are getting the best possible speed.
2) Dyanmic Bandwidth Management - This feature will automatically throttle users when certain thresholds are met.  This feature is disabled by default but check the settings.
3) Port/Speed/Duplex - If these values can not be obtained automatically by the associated connected device then you could have latency issues, see the Tools menu and perform an AutoSense test.
4) MSA Link Bonding - When this is enabled it is important to make sure that you have good solid ISP connectivity and that you have fast local DNS servers for EACH of your service providers.  If you have slow remote DNS servers, or only servers from one provider, MSA link bonding will be slow.  Make sure the DNS servers are setup correctly.
5) XFlow Real-Time Reporting - This feature providers summarized network usage reporting, however it can add to network latency on very busy links.  If you suspect that latency is causing a problem, you should disable XFlow reporting and compare latency before and after disabling.  Disable under the Reporting menu.

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