Does traffic shaping work in bridge mode?

Trafifc Shaping
When the WAN1 interface is placed in bridge mode (bypass mode, not proxy mode) there are some limitations in terms which traffic shaping capabilities can be applied.
In bridge mode the appliance is still able to do the following:
- Prioritize Outbound Application Traffic
- Rate-Limit (police) Outbound Application Traffic
- Perform Session Limiting (bi-directional)
- Perform Top User Rate Limiting (bi-directional)
- and full Network Reporting
However, when in bridge mode the EdgeXOS appliance can not provide any inbound application rate-limiting (policing) to a specific rate for response and/or download traffic.
This is a limitation of bridge mode and there is no way around this limitation except to place two units in parallel which are then set to operate in reverse.
It is recommended that if bi-directional rate-limiting (policing) is required then a different connection mode be used, i.e. static routing, NATing or transparent proxy.

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